NORTHRIDGE, CA – Film director, Jason Pollock, used surveillance footage of Michael Brown in his documentary starting protests at a market in Ferguson Monday night.

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Credit, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Ferguson Market and Liquor store where police said Michael Brown stole cigarettes from in August 2014. News outlets only showed the the store’s surveillance footage of Brown moments before he was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson.

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Credit, Heavy

The director of Stranger Fruit, Jason Pollock used surveillance footage of Brown and the market clerk at 1 a.m. Viewers might assert that Brown and the clerk had a relationship before officers said Brown robbed the market.

Police only gave half of the surveillance videos to the public. The videos showed Brown choking a man by the door, throwing something over the counter, and talking to the clerk aggressively.

Pollock’s goal of showing the footage is to let Brown’s true character show, unlike the police and news outlets. The documentary Stranger Fruit premiered on Saturday at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Protesters want to see all of the original footage.

The market’s attorney Robert McCulloch said that there is no relation between the two surveillance clips but Pollock, Brown’s family, and protesters believe that there is.

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The New York Times reported that Brown’s parents filed a federal lawsuit against the now resigned Officer Wilson. The civil trial will start sometime next year.

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from CNN, The New York Times

Photo, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Heavy


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