Malaria Vaccines To Be Tested In Africa Next Year

NORTHRIDGE, CA – In 2018, malaria vaccines will be tested on 360,000 babies and children in Kenya, Ghana, and Malawi. 

Credit, Al Jazzera

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported more than 200-million malaria cases worldwide in 2015. Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease, it affects people and animals.

RTS,S also known as, MosquiriX is a vaccine that is said to be injected in four doses. Next year, doctors and WHO officials are hoping the vaccine will work under real-life circumstances.

Africa has the highest number of malaria cases. In 2015, WHO estimated 429,000 deaths globally because of malaria, 92% of those deaths were in Africa. Kenya and Ghana are countries on the edge of Africa, right next to the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean. Malawi has a large lake of more than 11-thousand square miles.

Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat and live in water their first days, they need it to reproduce. Once a mosquito bites parasites are released into the bloodstream.

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The amount of malaria cases and deaths have both gone down more than 40% but this new vaccine is expected to close the 43% gap of unprotected people. Not having access to nets and bugs spray tests has affected pregnant women and their babies, men, and children.

Malaria is very life-threatening, it can cause: organ failure, swollen brain blood vessels, too much fluid in the lungs, anemia, and low blood sugar. The parasites make treatments and drugs ineffective.

WHO made April 25, 2017, World Malaria Day. The organization asked for serious help to improve the access to life-saving prevention tools.

The shrinking malaria map. Credit, The Economist

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, The World Health Organization, Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Healthline, BBC, Mega Catch

Photos, Al Jazzera, The Economist


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Rape Laws in Maryland Change and Remain

NORTHRIDGE, CA – Maryland Governor signed bills making it easier to prosecute rapists and an all male panel failed to end the Rape Custody Bill Tuesday morning. 

Credit, Rolling Stone

Maryland changed their definition of rape with SB 217. Maryland rape victims do not need to prove how they physically resisted against their attackers. Gov. Larry Hogan signed a new bill in the second signing ceremony at the State House. Before the Rape and Physical Resistance Bill, victims had to show evidence of trying to physically fight off or show lack of consent to charge perpetrators with rape or a sexual offense. Gov. Larry Hogan signed around 11 more bills with the intention of reforming sexual assault investigations.

BuzzFeed News did an investigation last year and found that some detectives were dismissing rape cases before looking into them. Alleged rapists would never know of the accusation because they would not be questioned by officers. BuzzFeed said cases would be ruled as “unfounded,” meaning false or baseless. Maryland reportedly had 42 unfounded cases. BuzzFeed’s analysis shows that this is an issue across the nation.Image result for trader joe's logo


The Rape Custody Bill remains the same. Five male legislators failed to pass the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act on the last day of the State’s General Assembly session. The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act was introduced by Maryland Delegate Kathleen Dumais. If the act would have passed, women who were raped would be allowed to block rapists’ parental rights. The panel reportedly ran out of time. Dumais has been working on this issue for the last 10 years.

“About 5% of women of reproductive age who are raped become pregnant,” according to The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The assembly will not meet to discuss the proposal until next year in January.

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, BuzzFeed, Time, CNN, Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Photo, Rolling Stone


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UPDATE: Facebook Murder Suspect Killed Himself

NORTHRIDGE, CA – The man who broadcasted the killing of a 74-year-old man on Facebook, killed himself in Pennsylvania after a police chase Tuesday morning.

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Left: Steven Stephens during Facebook video. Right: Robert Godwin Sr. moments before he was shot and killed. Credit, BizPacReview

Police got a call from an employee who spotted Stephens’s white Ford Fusion in a McDonald’s drive-thru near Eerie, Pennsylvania. State police troopers were chasing Stephens and even rammed his car with the attempt to disable it. While the car was spinning out of control, police said, “Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head.”

The search for Steven Stephens was in five states according to CNN. The mayor of Cleveland announced anyone with information on Stephens’s whereabouts would have been rewarded $50,000. The mayor also mentioned that there are no reports about the 13 other people Stephens said he killed, in another video.

The 37-year-old went live on Facebook, Sunday afternoon. One of Stephens’s friends posted a video and said he suffers from mental illness and depression. He also asked for prayers because his friend was armed and dangerous.

He then posted a video of himself getting out of his car approaching Robert Godwin Sr. Stephens asked Godwin to say the name “Joy Lane”, who is Stephens’s ex-girlfriend. Godwin said he didn’t know anyone named Joy Lane and Stephens then said, “She is the reason why this is about to happen to you.” Then shot and killed Godwin. Steven Stephens was driving a white Ford Fusion, with temporary Ohio tags.

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Credit, The Sun

The video of Stephens shooting Godwin was taken down from Facebook after three hours. Godwin’s family does not want the video to be shared because they do not want him to be remembered by the way he died. The YouTube videos that were shared are also

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Godwin had ten children. He was walking home from an Easter dinner with his family. There is a GoFundMe Account set-up to help the victim and family. The account has already raised more than $48,000.

Steven Stephens: “I’m going to kill as many people as I can.”

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, CNN, ABC

Photos, BizPacReview, The Sun

Video, LucidVisuals


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#SayHerName Wants Police Brutality Against African American Women and Girls Publicized

NORTHRIDGE, CA — #SayHerName is a movement that started in 2015. It’s a call to bring attention to police brutality against black women and girls throughout the United States.

Credit, African American Policy Forum

Black women and girls everywhere, of all ages, have been killed, sexually assaulted, and beaten by police officers. Media outlets give Black men and boys, national media coverage after violent altercations with law enforcement. Say Her Name wants the same attention for Black women and girls.

The author of No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant, Thandisizwe Chimurenga came to CSUN. In her book, Chimurenga discusses the ways society devalues people of color. She talked about the various ways racism affects America’s criminal justice system.

When it comes to the #SayHerName movement and the deaths of African-American women she said, “Our deaths get treated as either accidental or it really wasn’t that big of a thing or a deliberative targeting.”

CSUN students got a chance to share their opinions with Chimurenga on her visit to campus and student, Shante Price, spoke about her experiences. Price’s cousin is joining the Los Angeles Police Department. Her cousin said that she and other officers are being trained not to ask questions, just shoot black and brown.


Looking at Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin’s cases, some would say officers are protected because they aren’t getting arrested. Twenty years ago the LAPD  worried about their officers being under prepared to deal with violence. Officer training and civil interaction is now a huge issue. In 2016, the LAPD had the most civilian shootings and deaths nationwide for the second year in a row.

Correctional Officer, Latasha Griffin is an African American woman. She said she didn’t know about the police brutality against African American women and girls, because it’s not publicized. “I read files of inmates and see what they are in for and a lot of them are crimes against Black women and girls,” Griffin said. “It kind of hardens me as how I do my job because I’m looking at it like you (officers and inmates) killed one of me.”  

#SayHerName was founded by The African American Policy Forum. They found that 1 out of 3 women and girls shot and killed by the police are African American.

Girlfriend who live streamed Philando Castile shooting speaks

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, The African American Policy Forum, LA Weekly

Photo, African American Policy Forum

Video, FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul


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Missing Girls in D.C. Creates Uproar on Social Media

NORTHRIDGE, CA – An article alleging that 14 African American teen girls disappeared from D.C. within 24-hours made social media users push for more effective search tactics.

#FindOurGirls and #MissingDCGirls started going viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on Thursday. Celebrities and public figures also hashtagged posts to bring attention to the issue.

Credit, Shaun King

AP reported since the start of 2017 the police department received more than 500 teens are missing in the D.C. area. When children of color go missing authorities assume they ran away, and on Wednesday only 22 cases were open for investigation.

Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s new Youth and Family Division commander, Chanel Dickerson said that the number of missing young girls is going down. She says there isn’t any evidence of the numbers going down and there also isn’t any evidence if there is a prevalent sex trafficking issue in D.C. Last year, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimated that one of six reported runaways in the U.S. were likely sex trafficking victims.

Credit, Instagram

Some council members and neighbors wondered why there were not any amber alerts or immediate attention created after a 10-year-old African American girl went missing. Some families affected believe if the girls were Caucasian there would have been amber alerts and national media coverage. Some social media users say if the girls were Caucasian they may have even already been found.



Last week Metro police started to post critical missing person cases on Twitter to spread more awareness and bring the girls home. They managed to post 22 and half of them were teens and children. Six of them returned home Sunday, but five are still missing.
Police are investigating leads and asking anyone who sees the girls or notice unusual behavior to call them. The community thinks the longer the girls are missing the harder it would be to find them.

Credit, Madamenoire

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from CNN, ABC, Polaris, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Photos, Shaun King, Instagram, and Madamenoire


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