NORTHRIDGE, CA — #SayHerName is a movement that started in 2015. It’s a call to bring attention to police brutality against black women and girls throughout the United States.

Credit, African American Policy Forum

Black women and girls everywhere, of all ages, have been killed, sexually assaulted, and beaten by police officers. Media outlets give Black men and boys, national media coverage after violent altercations with law enforcement. Say Her Name wants the same attention for Black women and girls.

The author of No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant, Thandisizwe Chimurenga came to CSUN. In her book, Chimurenga discusses the ways society devalues people of color. She talked about the various ways racism affects America’s criminal justice system.

When it comes to the #SayHerName movement and the deaths of African-American women she said, “Our deaths get treated as either accidental or it really wasn’t that big of a thing or a deliberative targeting.”

CSUN students got a chance to share their opinions with Chimurenga on her visit to campus and student, Shante Price, spoke about her experiences. Price’s cousin is joining the Los Angeles Police Department. Her cousin said that she and other officers are being trained not to ask questions, just shoot black and brown.


Looking at Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin’s cases, some would say officers are protected because they aren’t getting arrested. Twenty years ago the LAPD  worried about their officers being under prepared to deal with violence. Officer training and civil interaction is now a huge issue. In 2016, the LAPD had the most civilian shootings and deaths nationwide for the second year in a row.

Correctional Officer, Latasha Griffin is an African American woman. She said she didn’t know about the police brutality against African American women and girls, because it’s not publicized. “I read files of inmates and see what they are in for and a lot of them are crimes against Black women and girls,” Griffin said. “It kind of hardens me as how I do my job because I’m looking at it like you (officers and inmates) killed one of me.”  

#SayHerName was founded by The African American Policy Forum. They found that 1 out of 3 women and girls shot and killed by the police are African American.

Girlfriend who live streamed Philando Castile shooting speaks

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, The African American Policy Forum, LA Weekly

Photo, African American Policy Forum

Video, FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul


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