NORTHRIDGE, CA – The man who broadcasted the killing of a 74-year-old man on Facebook, killed himself in Pennsylvania after a police chase Tuesday morning.

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Left: Steven Stephens during Facebook video. Right: Robert Godwin Sr. moments before he was shot and killed. Credit, BizPacReview

Police got a call from an employee who spotted Stephens’s white Ford Fusion in a McDonald’s drive-thru near Eerie, Pennsylvania. State police troopers were chasing Stephens and even rammed his car with the attempt to disable it. While the car was spinning out of control, police said, “Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head.”

The search for Steven Stephens was in five states according to CNN. The mayor of Cleveland announced anyone with information on Stephens’s whereabouts would have been rewarded $50,000. The mayor also mentioned that there are no reports about the 13 other people Stephens said he killed, in another video.

The 37-year-old went live on Facebook, Sunday afternoon. One of Stephens’s friends posted a video and said he suffers from mental illness and depression. He also asked for prayers because his friend was armed and dangerous.

He then posted a video of himself getting out of his car approaching Robert Godwin Sr. Stephens asked Godwin to say the name “Joy Lane”, who is Stephens’s ex-girlfriend. Godwin said he didn’t know anyone named Joy Lane and Stephens then said, “She is the reason why this is about to happen to you.” Then shot and killed Godwin. Steven Stephens was driving a white Ford Fusion, with temporary Ohio tags.

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Credit, The Sun

The video of Stephens shooting Godwin was taken down from Facebook after three hours. Godwin’s family does not want the video to be shared because they do not want him to be remembered by the way he died. The YouTube videos that were shared are also

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Godwin had ten children. He was walking home from an Easter dinner with his family. There is a GoFundMe Account set-up to help the victim and family. The account has already raised more than $48,000.

Steven Stephens: “I’m going to kill as many people as I can.”

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, CNN, ABC

Photos, BizPacReview, The Sun

Video, LucidVisuals


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