#SayHerName Wants Police Brutality Against African American Women and Girls Publicized

NORTHRIDGE, CA — #SayHerName is a movement that started in 2015. It’s a call to bring attention to police brutality against black women and girls throughout the United States.

Credit, African American Policy Forum

Black women and girls everywhere, of all ages, have been killed, sexually assaulted, and beaten by police officers. Media outlets give Black men and boys, national media coverage after violent altercations with law enforcement. Say Her Name wants the same attention for Black women and girls.

The author of No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant, Thandisizwe Chimurenga came to CSUN. In her book, Chimurenga discusses the ways society devalues people of color. She talked about the various ways racism affects America’s criminal justice system.

When it comes to the #SayHerName movement and the deaths of African-American women she said, “Our deaths get treated as either accidental or it really wasn’t that big of a thing or a deliberative targeting.”

CSUN students got a chance to share their opinions with Chimurenga on her visit to campus and student, Shante Price, spoke about her experiences. Price’s cousin is joining the Los Angeles Police Department. Her cousin said that she and other officers are being trained not to ask questions, just shoot black and brown.


Looking at Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin’s cases, some would say officers are protected because they aren’t getting arrested. Twenty years ago the LAPD  worried about their officers being under prepared to deal with violence. Officer training and civil interaction is now a huge issue. In 2016, the LAPD had the most civilian shootings and deaths nationwide for the second year in a row.

Correctional Officer, Latasha Griffin is an African American woman. She said she didn’t know about the police brutality against African American women and girls, because it’s not publicized. “I read files of inmates and see what they are in for and a lot of them are crimes against Black women and girls,” Griffin said. “It kind of hardens me as how I do my job because I’m looking at it like you (officers and inmates) killed one of me.”  

#SayHerName was founded by The African American Policy Forum. They found that 1 out of 3 women and girls shot and killed by the police are African American.

Girlfriend who live streamed Philando Castile shooting speaks

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, The African American Policy Forum, LA Weekly

Photo, African American Policy Forum

Video, FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul


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Missing Girls in D.C. Creates Uproar on Social Media

NORTHRIDGE, CA – An article alleging that 14 African American teen girls disappeared from D.C. within 24-hours made social media users push for more effective search tactics.

#FindOurGirls and #MissingDCGirls started going viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on Thursday. Celebrities and public figures also hashtagged posts to bring attention to the issue.

Credit, Shaun King

AP reported since the start of 2017 the police department received more than 500 teens are missing in the D.C. area. When children of color go missing authorities assume they ran away, and on Wednesday only 22 cases were open for investigation.

Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s new Youth and Family Division commander, Chanel Dickerson said that the number of missing young girls is going down. She says there isn’t any evidence of the numbers going down and there also isn’t any evidence if there is a prevalent sex trafficking issue in D.C. Last year, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimated that one of six reported runaways in the U.S. were likely sex trafficking victims.

Credit, Instagram

Some council members and neighbors wondered why there were not any amber alerts or immediate attention created after a 10-year-old African American girl went missing. Some families affected believe if the girls were Caucasian there would have been amber alerts and national media coverage. Some social media users say if the girls were Caucasian they may have even already been found.



Last week Metro police started to post critical missing person cases on Twitter to spread more awareness and bring the girls home. They managed to post 22 and half of them were teens and children. Six of them returned home Sunday, but five are still missing.
Police are investigating leads and asking anyone who sees the girls or notice unusual behavior to call them. The community thinks the longer the girls are missing the harder it would be to find them.

Credit, Madamenoire

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from CNN, ABC, Polaris, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Photos, Shaun King, Instagram, and Madamenoire


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Five dead and 40 injured in London terror attack

LANCASTER, CA – Metropolitan police were called this afternoon when some say they heard an explosive set off and shots were fired outside Parliament.

Credit, ABC News

According to police, a car jumped the curb, struck, and injured pedestrians and three police officers on the Westminster Bridge. The car then crashed into a fence around the Houses of Parliament.

Reports show the number of injured people went from 20-40. London ambulance arrived six minutes after they received a call. Then an air ambulance landed in Parliament Square.

Bystanders immediately tweeted what they saw and heard.



Credit, Twitter


BBC reported that there were about three shots fired outside of the Palace of Westminster. Then a man ran through the gates of the parliamentary compound onto the front yard, allegedly waving a knife.



The attacker stabbed and killed an officer who was guarding the parliament. Officers then shot and killed the attacker, and said it’s likely that there was only one attacker. Police declared the attack as a terrorist incident and told CNN they believe the attack is “Islamist-related”.

After the attack the Parliament building was on lockdown, but staff members have now left.

Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to open the new police headquarters at New Scotland Yard on Thursday, but she is now delaying the ceremonial event.

The mayor of Paris said that the Eiffel Tower will go dark to show solidarity to London and honor the victims.

Prime Minister Theresa May, described the terror attack as “sick and depraved”. She also shared her condolences to those affected. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected,” the Prime Minister said. “To the victims themselves, and their family and friends who waved their loved ones off, but will not now be welcoming them home.”

PHOTO: A police officer tapes off Parliament Square after reports of loud bangs, in London, Britain, March 22, 2017.
Credit, ABC News

There will be extra police officers on the streets of London for the next few days.

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from, BBC, CNN

Photos, ABC News, Twitter


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Documentary Director used surveillance footage of Michael Brown to show the real him

NORTHRIDGE, CA – Film director, Jason Pollock, used surveillance footage of Michael Brown in his documentary starting protests at a market in Ferguson Monday night.

Image result for ferguson market and liquor
Credit, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Ferguson Market and Liquor store where police said Michael Brown stole cigarettes from in August 2014. News outlets only showed the the store’s surveillance footage of Brown moments before he was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson.

michael brown darren wilson
Credit, Heavy

The director of Stranger Fruit, Jason Pollock used surveillance footage of Brown and the market clerk at 1 a.m. Viewers might assert that Brown and the clerk had a relationship before officers said Brown robbed the market.

Police only gave half of the surveillance videos to the public. The videos showed Brown choking a man by the door, throwing something over the counter, and talking to the clerk aggressively.

Pollock’s goal of showing the footage is to let Brown’s true character show, unlike the police and news outlets. The documentary Stranger Fruit premiered on Saturday at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Protesters want to see all of the original footage.

The market’s attorney Robert McCulloch said that there is no relation between the two surveillance clips but Pollock, Brown’s family, and protesters believe that there is.

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The New York Times reported that Brown’s parents filed a federal lawsuit against the now resigned Officer Wilson. The civil trial will start sometime next year.

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from CNN, The New York Times

Photo, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Heavy


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Chance the Rapper helps Chicago public schools “reach the finish line”

NORTHRIDGE, CA – Chance the Rapper donated $1-million to the Chicago Public School Foundation, during a press conference at Westcott Elementary School Monday morning.

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Credit, GQ

Chance said, “Our kids shouldn’t be held hostage because of political positions.” Back in December, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would have given the public schools $215 million. The schools were planning to end the year almost 20 days early because of insufficient funds.

At the press conference, Chance explained how winning the three Grammys helped him get a meeting with Governor Rauner. The two met a few weeks ago and the meeting did not go well. Chance told the Republican Governor, to do his job and “give Chicago’s children the resources they need to fulfill their God-given right to learn.”

The money is going to help develop enrichment and afterschool programs. Chicago’s public school system has been suffering from the state’s racially discriminatory system of funding.Image result for ford


Chance the Rapper grew up in Chicago and he also donated $10,000 to the Westcott Elementary School. He challenged private and corporate businesses to donate. He said for every $100,000 he would donate $10,000 to individual schools.

By Lauren Turner Dunn

Contributions from Pitchfork and Billboard

Photo, GQ



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Iconic signs from the LAX Travel Ban Protest

Did you miss the march?

Here are some of the signs protestors held to show support to the people who were detained on their way home. img_0317

People of all ages, religions, ethnicities, and genders gathered at LAX to stand against President Trump’s Ban. According to The New York Times, the refugee/ immigration/ travel ban’s focus is to keep people from the seven nations out of America for 90-120 days.


I captured these moments to document how other people felt about Trump’s executive order.

img_0252Imagine if you were in another country on vacation or visiting family.

You had just gotten off your flight and security decides to hold you in a room, and asks you questions for hours.

Your family is waiting.

You are extremely tired, now confused. Thinking what is going to happen will I ever see my family?

Finally, they let you go and you see your family.

img_0226When you walk outside people are chanting and clapping because the joy of you, being reunited with your family.

No one should have to go through that.


You could hear demonstrators chanting: “No Ban No Wall Equal Rights For All” from the parking lot.


Marches and protests are great, whenever you are upset about something most likely there is someone else who is upset about the same thing. Passion goes along way.

I am thankful to the many people who brought the protesters together to stand up for what they believe in.

If you missed this one always know that there will be a anotherone and try not to miss it.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Big Sean gives $100k to help water crisis in Flint, MI

Flint, MI is about to bounce back with help from Big Sean


While most of us forgot about the water crisis in Flint, Big Sean hasn’t. The rapper raised about $100,000 through his foundation to help his home state. The money is going towards proper care and water for families and residents affected.

Ever since the city changed its water source in 2014, Flint, Michigan has had bad water flowing through their faucets. The city decided to stop getting the water pre-treated in order to cut costs and managed to use the water from the Flint River.


According to CNN, the water in the Flint River is 19 times more corrosive than the water from the original water source. Residents have suffered tremendously from getting lead-poisoning, and being in danger, in their own homes.

Big Sean’s foundation the Sean Anderson Foundation is inspired by his mom and grandmother who always influenced him to give back. His mother who resides in Michigan was also affected by the lead-poisoning but it took care and remedies that most residents don’t have to reverse the poisoning.

While the city’s governor and head of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), believe the water quality has improved over the past year. The damage has already been done and residents still worry about the safety and cleanliness of the water.